Announcing Bust-A-BNB game, powered by “The DEGENerator DAO”

Hellooooooooooooooo Fellow Apes and Degens!

As you know, the origin of APE is in the beautiful degeneracy of crypto. We do what our parents told us not to do. We speculate on assets “they” are afraid of, we have built an industry that took a serious thing and made it hilarious, we talk smack and larp on twitter, and we love every minute of it!

Apecoin is developing a highly popular game called “Bust-a-BNB” for Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Bust-a-BNB is a progressive jackpot game where users try to exit before the game crashes. We take influence from games like Bustabit, Satoshi Dice and others. It’s the first in our line of games for BSC.

ApeCoin.Dev is a development shop. We build Continuous Utility Systems. is our first example — That is currently migrating to Binance Smart Chain also (not long now) and is Powered by the NFT DAO.

$APE holders benefit from the NFT DAO project in the following ways:

  • In the form of preferential farming payouts using $APE and a couple surprises we will reveal once the move to BSC is completed.

The DEGENerator is the DAO which powers Bust-A-BnB game and all other games we have lined up.

$APE holders will ALSO benefit from the DEGENerator DAO.

  • This will be in the form of an Airdrop

The DEGENerator DAO token will be called $BUST and we’re coordinating with and other large BSC ecosystem companies for potential early listings and integrations.

With its speed and affordability, BSC is a great place for games. Thanks to crazy ETH gas fees, a lot of the action is clearly taking place on Binance Smart Chain.

As with ALL games of this nature — the house wins overtime — Except in this case, the house is YOU, the token holder!

The 1% house edge will accumulate over time and monthly go towards buying and burning $BUST coins off PancakeSwap (the binance version of Uniswap).

Funds from the game go directly back into buying $BUST off the market after the necessary amount is taken to maintain the treasury. So essentially to be the house or share in the games success you only need to own $BUST. The more popular the game, the more $BUST is purchased off the market.

The token also allows access to the DAO which will lead any changes to the game that are voted upon by the users. For example, token holders may vote to have less than 100% go towards buying $BUST off the market, and have some % go towards an affiliate program to get even more users to play the game. The proposals will need to consider the mathematical necessities of the game to maintain operation. So in essence all profits are recycled back into the $BUST ecosystem.

$APE holders will be receiving an airdrop of $BUST at launch, as we progress with development.

  • Early sneak peak of the game itself.

This is an autonomous, perpetual utility machine with very simple tokenomics — the supply constantly reduces!

We have been planning this for months and are already in development.

We expect to be able to process the $BUST Airdrop to all $APE token holders, in about 2 weeks.

Our target is to go live with the game and BSC’s support, in about 6 weeks.

Thank you to our loyal community for following our journey — Game on!

Get $APE on Uniswap:
Official APE website:



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