Announcing A New DeFi Yield Farming Token That Rewards Users with NFT Girlfriends

What is Meme Farm and Why is It Superior To Other High-Yield Farming Tokens?

Meme Farm is an exciting protocol that combines DeFi yield-farming and rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

You’re probably familiar with Yams, Sushi, KimChi and various other food farming coin clones, most of which have a lifespan of 48 hours or less.

While these tokens can make a small fortune for early adopters, most of them die out quickly because they lack actual utility. Most are simply governance tokens which get dumped by big farmers because they aren’t interested in participating in creating and voting on proposals.

So what’s our solution for creating a high-yield farming token that can last in the long term? It’s to give the tokens actual utility and value (and thus, buy pressure) by combining them with one of the hottest cryptocurrency industries: NFTs.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, are tokens that can’t be easily replaced by something identical. In other words, they are tokens that are digitally scarce built on the ERC-721 blockchain. The most common use case of NFTs are collectibles. If you’re familiar with the Crypto Kitties craze in 2017, you might recall the most expensive Crypto Kitty sold for $120,000.

In the 2017 bull market, a meme-NFT project known as PepeCash reached over $100 million market cap. And now, the NFT economy is booming again, with projects like Rarible reaching over $10,000,000 market cap.

What Are Crypto Girlfriends?

Crypto Girlfriends are digital collectibles (NFTs) created by some of the world’s most talented artists specifically for this project. There will be 21 Crypto Girlfriends in total, and only one copy of each will ever exist. That means your Girlfriends will be limited and digitally scarce. You can even sell them on Open Sea to other people.

Each week, 3 Crypto Girlfriends will be released and airdropped to the top 3 farmers with the most MFRM tokens.

How Does Farming Work?

You can earn MFRM tokens by staking your Uniswap liquidity pool tokens for the following pairs:

Girlfriend Pool (2x Boost)
These pools have a 2x block reward as incentive to provide liquidity for MFRM:

Meme Pool

Safu Pool

Sadness Pool

For the full step-by-step guide on how to farm on our platform, watch for our farming tutorial coming soon.

MFRM Tokenomics

  • 15 Million total MFRM tokens supply
  • Farming will last 300k blocks which is a total of 6 weeks
  • MFRM tokens emitted at a rate of 50 tokens per block
  • No premines or presales meaning all users start with an equal chance to earn MFRM tokens
  • 21 Total Crypto Girlfriend NFTs. Every week, the top 3 holders of MFRM will receive an NFT until supply runs out

When Does Meme Farm Officially Launch?

Meme Farm officially launches on early October, starting at approximately block 10,000,000.

Security Audit

Our own contract remains unaudited but we invite any in the community to do so in our Discord channel where we will be releasing the code.


At this time, no audits have been performed on Meme Farm. Contributors to Meme Farm have made reasonable efforts at ensuring the integrity of the protocol including tests. Meme Farm is completely valueless and has 0 financial value. Anyone who chooses to engage with these contracts, including the Meme Farm token contract and the staking contracts, are doing so at their own risk. You should perform your own due diligence.

How You Can Participate:

Meme Farm is part of the APEcoin ecosystem. To participate in Meme Farm farming, join our APEcoin Discord where we will make all official announcements.




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