Check out our second wave of APE PUNKS on JGN NFT!

Hello Apes & Gals!

Our move to Binance Smart Chain has been quite an adventure already, and the best is yet to come for APEcoin and MemeFarm. We have some exciting news regarding our NFTs on BSC. Here’s the latest: MemeFarm + BSC + JGN NFT = APE PUNKS ON BSC. And the home for this series on BSC: Juggernaut Defi!

JGN just rolled out their minting functions on BSC, and they will be hosting our in-house NFT series Ape Punks on BSC. Check out some of our new APE PUNKS below.

While NFTs originated on the Ethereum network, fees and network congestion make it increasingly difficult for artists to mint their work on ETH. The folks at JGN are building a great platform for artists to release digital art on Binance Smart Chain at a fraction of the fees with little to no congestion. It’s just one more reason we are so happy to be on BSC!

You can learn more about the JGN team via their Medium channel, join their Telegram community, and follow them on Twitter. We know NFTs are a massive part of the future of defi AND the art world. Jump in with us and connect with Juggernaut Defi!

~The Team

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