APE Game Challenge 1 of 6

3 min readNov 5, 2021

Banana rockets or flying saucers? Which are better or more practical than the other?

Coin King, like all APEs believes banana rockets are better… not only can they blast you through space, they also provide passengers a plentiful food source whilst traveling to the rockets destination.

Banaliens, however have tried to convince apes for a millennia this is a very very dumb idea. By eating their ship, they will eventually have nothing left to travel in.

Apes blinded by their insatiable appetite for bananas have been forever reluctant to alter their thoughts on the issue. This has resulted in helping power a never-ending perpetual banana rocket manufacturing program, which significantly contributes to Peelion 4’s economy.

BUSTA’s Affiliate Rewards program was of course designed with never-ending perpertual passive income in mind. This is where you players 001 come in….


Starts: 8th November 2021 9pm UTC — can’t tell ya when the first green light is though.

Ends:13th November 2021 9pm UTC — can’t tell ya when the last red light is though.

  1. Join the BUSTA Affiliate Rewards Program


2. Shill the BUSTA Affiliate Rewards Program to 3 of your frens. Quote and retweet *** a tweet from APE or BUSTA which mentions the BUSTA Affiliate Program. You will need the following in your tweet:

  • tag three frens
  • share your affiliate link
  • #APEGame

*** when you click “Retweet” it will give you the options to quote tweet.

· We need a total of 20 shills per day between everyone playing. That means 20 playaz race to shill. You must wait for the green light to shill. Red light will mean stop. This will take place intermittently over the next 5 days. Time zones will be taken into consideration.

· We will place 5BUSD per shill to a maximum of $500 BUSD into the Grand Prize

Every player who contributes gets a unique NFT

· Those who do not contribute risk elimination.

3. When you have completed your shill, type “done” in the VIP room. If you are already an APE Playa, you know what we are talking about.

N.B If you are having trouble generating the affiliate link on your mobile, please do this from your laptop or PC.

The Prize?

For each retweet of the BUSTA Affiliate Reward program, we will add an additional 5 BUSD up to a maximum of $500 BUSD to the grand prize pool.

Not APE’d in yet? Lol… that was silly

We could make an exception… guess what, there is a utility NFT in it for you!

Fill out this form and we will welcome ya with open paws!


Website: https://apecoin.dev/

Twitter: @Go_APEcoin

Telegram: t.me/APEcoin_Chat

🐒 APE contract address — 0xa9ea4b786ee5b7a733c035564bfd9341a4c9fc1e

🐒 APE on BUSTA DEX — https://dapp.busta.gg/swap

📈 APE price chart — https://goswapp-bsc.web.app/0xa9ea4b786ee5b7a733c035564bfd9341a4c9fc1e

🐒 APE on BSCSCAN — https://tinyurl.com/zntrdmsc

🐒 APE farming — https://memefarm.io

🌏 Website: https://busta.gg

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📡 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BUSTA_GameFi

👽 Medium: https://bustaofficial.medium.com

🌊 Ecosystem Flow Chart: https://tinyurl.com/BUSTA-FLOWCHART

🔬BscScan: https://tinyurl.com/BUSTA-CONTRACT-ADDRESS

📺 YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/BUSTA-YOUTUBE


Website: mfrm.io

Twitter: @Go_MFRM

Telegram: t.me/APEcoin_Chat

🚜 MFRM contract address — 0x206340f3361404910f45ca0893980ef3f9b418ea

🚜 MFRM on BUSTA DEX — https://dapp.busta.gg/swap

📈 MFRM price chart — https://goswapp-bsc.web.app/0x206340f3361404910f45ca0893980ef3f9b418ea

🚜 MFRM on BSCSCAN — https://tinyurl.com/f75sn4v8

🚜 MFRM farming — http://mfrm.io