GO APEcoin!

APE Game Challenge 3 of 6

Well APEs you have made it this far and you haven’t been sent out in a coffin! Well done to you!

The Rules of Challenge 3.

It is us against you! Let the Tug-of-war begin!

  1. Spamming: If we see an influencer tagged more than once in a single day and more than 3 times over the 5 day period, we will fine the GRAND Prize for each instance.
  2. Over 20 comments per day will be considered over kill. We will be reasonable here, but think about it, 100 divided by 5 is 20. 20 is the magic number.
  3. Back to back comments from the same player will be considered a breech. You need to alternate between yourselves to ensure people outside of the game are engaged and interested in the discussions.
  4. The tagged trader/influencer cannot be an OTC Firm or company.
  5. For each day a player does NOT contribute, $5 BUSD will be deducted. You will have the option to make up for a team member not playing, contact the host directly.
  1. Yo (insert trader influencer here), you have great insights, what do you think about OTC trading in crypto? Do you find it frustrating?
  2. (Insert trader influencer here) do you OTC trade? I think it can be really difficult, what do you think?
  3. (Insert trader influencer here) aren’t most OTC trades done via telegram? You are super informative, so worth asking ya!
  4. (Insert trader influencer here) what illiquid tokens could benefit fromm OTC trading?
  5. Hey (Insert trader influencer here), you trade altcoins, be cool to hear your opinion on this!
  6. I tried to complete an OTC trade recently, it fell through cause of all these points! (Insert trader influencer here) have you experienced anything similar?