APE Game Challenge 3 of 6

5 min readNov 23, 2021

Well APEs you have made it this far and you haven’t been sent out in a coffin! Well done to you!

So as you know, we are accepting late entries through until the end of this challenge. Rest assured we are making sure they earn their entry. The good news is this means more funds in the GRAND Prize at the end. Plus we need to put our soldiers to work, and start killing you all off slowly ha ha ha ha.

That being said, this round is a little different. It is a non-elimination round. Before you get too excited, this one has a MASSIVE incentive for you all, but it won’t be easy!

SPOILER ALERT FOR SQUID GAME! Skip to the RULES section if you don’t want to know what happened in the hit Netflix show.

As you may be aware, this is the tug-of-war episode and pretty ruthless. It is played on elevated platforms erected on towers high above the ground. The losers of this game plummet to their deaths.

Hint: The quick thinking old man saves his team from certain death by using an extreme strategy, and the leader makes a call which is risky but ensures the positive outcome of staying alive and in the game!

The Rules of Challenge 3.

It is us against you! Let the Tug-of-war begin!

This is not an elimination challenge, but don’t get too relaxed frens. You stand to win or lose a bonus to go into the GRAND Prize cash pool.

You will need to work together as a team to make this a success! Communicate, support, and take our money!

We will be releasing a poll on Twitter. We need 100 people to vote and comment in the next 5 days. If you get 100 REAL comments and over 100 poll votes, we will add $500 BUSD to the GRAND Prize pool.

The comments will consist of you engaging trading influencers. This must be conversational, not just tagging their name. Examples are provided further below, but they must be in your own words.

Sounds simple? Ohhh, but there are a few catches. We will also remove $5 BUSD from the GRAND prize if you break the following rules:

  1. The accounts MUST be real twitter profiles. We will deem them not to be real if they: do not have reasonable and personal engagement with their own followers. In other words, BOTs will not be tolerated. We know what we are looking for here folks, so do your own research!
  2. Spamming: If we see an influencer tagged more than once in a single day and more than 3 times over the 5 day period, we will fine the GRAND Prize for each instance.
  3. Over 20 comments per day will be considered over kill. We will be reasonable here, but think about it, 100 divided by 5 is 20. 20 is the magic number.
  4. Back to back comments from the same player will be considered a breech. You need to alternate between yourselves to ensure people outside of the game are engaged and interested in the discussions.
  5. The tagged trader/influencer cannot be an OTC Firm or company.
  6. For each day a player does NOT contribute, $5 BUSD will be deducted. You will have the option to make up for a team member not playing, contact the host directly.

Examples of comments — Remember, they need to be written in your own words

  1. Hey, (insert trader influencer here) do you trade #OTC? Be great to hear your thoughts!
  2. Yo (insert trader influencer here), you have great insights, what do you think about OTC trading in crypto? Do you find it frustrating?
  3. (Insert trader influencer here) do you OTC trade? I think it can be really difficult, what do you think?
  4. (Insert trader influencer here) aren’t most OTC trades done via telegram? You are super informative, so worth asking ya!
  5. (Insert trader influencer here) what illiquid tokens could benefit fromm OTC trading?
  6. Hey (Insert trader influencer here), you trade altcoins, be cool to hear your opinion on this!
  7. I tried to complete an OTC trade recently, it fell through cause of all these points! (Insert trader influencer here) have you experienced anything similar?


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