2 min readMar 15, 2021


Hey there, APES!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with one of our favorite BSC projects, Beefy.finance !

Beefy is a yield optimizer with a fantastic team behind it which has earned them a large, fun community and almost $300 million TVL. Well, we’ve been cooking up a BEEFY TREAT for all of you!

As of now, you can stake your $APE and $MFRM in beefy.finance’s vault ecosystem, but that’s not all.

APEcoin will also be featured on Beefy’s amazing Launchpool! The whole week, Beefy vault users that hold their Mootoken will get sweet $APE distributions along with access to a compounding APE-BNB vault. YES. Ape together strong.

On the 16th, we’ll be adding a BIFI-BNB pool on Memefarm.io too!

You will see a new pool with this Beefy logo available when you log in to MemeFarm.io on the 16th.

You can follow the Beefy team on Twitter at “@beefyfinance,” Beefy Telegram and make sure you check out app.beefy.finance to see what their vaults are all about. Spread the word, and get ready for the Beefy fun!

Further info on the $BUST airdrop: It was for all BSC $APE holders only. If you held your APEcoin in your wallet (not in a pool) on 14th March 0:00 UTC, and you received a 1:1 drop of our new $BUST token that will interface with our new BUST-A-BNB game that’s currently in development.
$BUST is the governance token to all future games starting with Bust-A-BNB. The “house” is token holders administered by a DAO instead of humans. BUST holders will vote on how much of the accumulated ‘House’ funds go towards increasing the prize pool or how much goes towards buy & burn $BUST and other coins.

Clear skies ahead Apes. Sun is shining and the cattle are grazing so get to farming!

~ Visionary Ape & The APEcoin.dev Team

For more info on APEcoin.dev and MemeFarm.io, check out the following resources: