APES ARE ON THE FARM, Y’ALL! Ape Into Our New NFT Contest

APES & GALS. WELCOME TO THE JUNGL… errr FARM! We are stoked to announce a new NFT art competition from your friendly neighborhood APEcoin, MemeFarm.io, and one of our fave crypto NFT crazies, CryptoGirlfriend!


Here at APEcoin.dev, we just launched our Phase 1 yield farm at MemeFarm.io! To celebrate, show us your wildest, craziest, funniest ape depictions descending on the barnyard. Make it WILD. Make it HILARIOUS. Make it AWESOME. We are looking for high-quality, creative, original illustrations, paintings, and digital art to feature in our upcoming launch of our MemeFarm Phase 2 NFT DAO. 3 winners will be awarded 1000 APEcoin tokens, and at least one entry will be minted as an NFT to be included in our NFT DAO at launch.


To boot, we are also partnering with CryptoGirlfriend and her community to help us get the word out and select winners! To enter, simply do the following:


Don’t forget, we’ll be picking three winners that will each win 1000 APEcoin tokens. Hit us with your best shot! APES ON THAT FARM. LET’S GOOO!

The APEcoin Team & CryptoGirlfriend

For more info on APEcoin.dev and MemeFarm.io, check out the following resources:




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