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Dec 7, 2021

4 min read

Behind the Scenes Update

Greetings fellow Apes!

T’is the season to be jolly! Well, we certainly think so!


Our Devs our tracking beautifully towards the multichain function of our Token Backed NFTs.

What are they working on now?

As you know we are currently on BSC, and our DEVs are currently finishing the deployment of ETH, POLY, and FANTOM contracts. You will see a slight change in navigation to the current site, but overall it will still have the same look and feel.

Going multichain this month

The notification aspect is looking rather slick also. Soon you will be able to simply login to MFRM.io and be notified when any actions have occurred relating to your Token Backed NFTs. This currently includes, TBNft purchase, listing, redeeming and transfer.

We can also advise, there is an additional scope being put together by the team, which will give a richer and more streamlined approach to our Token Backed NFTs. Here is a visual to get you intrigued as to where we are headed (please note this may evolve and change as we get closer to our end goal):

Sneak Peak at The MonkeyFirm when feature complete

As you can see it is an entirely new approach to how users will interact with our site. Our order book is well thought out with traders in mind, so we are looking at a very bright future ahead for The MonkeyFirm. Feature complete has become a larger idea with its own intricate refinements, so we are expecting this to be ready end of February.


APE Game was a great success. All players received their NFTs and a share of the cash Grand prize. We saw some great results from running this campaign. New organic users joining both BUST and APE Telegram, and a massive increase in our twitter followers also. For example, we increased our APECoin twitter from 2432 followers 5227 in just 3 weeks.

The idea of APE Game will be introduced again in Q1, with a new twist, watch this space.


We are currently visiting our marketing plan and reformatting our approach. You will see a lot more interaction in the coming weeks, particularly with a focus on our twitter campaigns. It is going to be a very robust and aggressive campaign which I am sure you will all be happy to see.


We burn, you earn frens!

MFRM: 709,852.35 which is 3.3803% of supply

APE 178,128.44,1.7813% of supply

That is it for the time being my APE frens. We look forward to delivering even more exciting news in the next update, they are in the works now, we think you will like what we have to say then.

Website: mfrm.io

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