Buy Backs, Burns and Liquidity

Good Evening Fellow APES and APPETTES! We are amped to share a special 3.0 teaser. A sneak peak just for you!

What will MFRM 3.0 bring to the table you ask? Well not only will you be able to continue farming MFRM and NFT rewards, but with MFRM 3.0 we have designed multiple mechanisms that will enable both APE & MFRM buybacks, burns and enable permanent liquidity. Yep, the evolution is here!

One means to take advantage of these mechanisms is with the auctioning of our in house commissioned NFT’s. We are excited to share that the proceeds of those sales will be distributed as follows:

25% toward APE buybacks/burn
25% toward MFRM buybacks/burn
25% toward the artist
25% toward company development

The future is bright! We are stoked to have you along for the ride!

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