Hello Dear Fellow APES!

Our highly anticipated BustaBNB game is in development, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

In a few weeks, you all will be able to degen your primate hearts out while our Degenerator DAO makes sure that the proceeds come back to diamond handed hodlers in form of token buybacks/burns and added locked liquidity!

As we have stated before, APE is a development shop and Apecoin is what powers all our shenanigans. Anything we do, our loyal $APE holders will always get a piece of the action!

For Bust-A-BNB, we are launching a new token called $BUST and every $APE holder will receive a an airdrop 1:1. And all you need to do to qualify is hold $APE. Pretty sweet huh?

$BUST snapshot will take place 7pm PST, 14th of March.

For more information on the Bust A BnB game, see our announcement post here.


For more info on and, check out the following resources:

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