How to Mint Your Own NFT on Rarible

Non-Fungible Tokens are a way of creating unique ownership for digital items. A unique item could be art, music, video, etc. In order to create your NFT, it must be minted or created on the Blockchain. While it sounds complicated, Rarible, a NFT marketplace, makes the process easy and we’ll show you how. An NFT often follows the ERC721 token specification. This is a created format that allows the creation of a singular Token on the Blockchain representing an item. You can also mint your NFT as having more than one copy by creating multiple tokens. Since anyone can create an NFT it’s an important skill to learn because you may find yourself wanting to try and sell your unique piece on the market, or wanting to explain the concept. At the end of this guide you should be able to mint your own NFT and view it on Rarible.

After connecting your wallet, start by clicking the “Create Collectible” button in the upper right corner.

After that you need to decide if you want to create a unique collectible or if you want to mint more than one copy. Multiple copies can be created at once, so this won’t cost you any extra gas unless you decide to mint more later.

Next, you need to choose the collection. This is the contract in which your NFT will be minted. Here you can either use the default Rarible contract for convenience or create your own. Note that creating your own costs a lot in gas. This is an easy way to burn an extra $100, but it’s also nice to have your work in your own contract.

When you create a new contract or “collection,” you need to give it a name and a ticker. You can also add a description and an avatar/logo if you want.

You’re almost set. Now, you need to upload your art! It can be a JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 or MP3 file. You also need to give your NFT a name. You can add a description, and if you want, you can also put it on sale on Rarible. If you don’t want to sell it, just have that option ticked off, and you will only be minting the NFT. When done, click “create item,” confirm on your wallet, and wait a few seconds for the magic to happen.

Now your newly minted NFT should be visible in your Rarible profile. Congratulations! Now that you have minted your first NFT — keep an
eye on and get ready to submit your NFT’s to the NFT DAO
once it goes live!

For more info on and, check out the following resources:



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