Hello All,
We are all eagerly awaiting the release of the MemeFarm Marketplace and we are so very close to going live!

Over the last week, we have literally tried to break our platform on testnet and we are looking good! In the next 24 hours, mainnet testing will be deployed and we will be pushing the platform once again to ensure everything is still holding well. Once these tests have been completed, it will be live for the community to enjoy!

Initially our Art NFT Marketplace launch will be gentle. We are calling this a “soft launch”, which gives YOU the community an opportunity to let us know your thoughts. A feedback form will be made available for you send us your ideas and we will take everything into consideration. After all, it is YOUR marketplace.

During this soft launch period, which will last approximately 4 weeks, you will see added utility to the site. The nature of this utility is being kept close to our chests, but we know you will all be exceptionally excited about it! What we can say is: No one else is has done this before! How about that for a teaser?

In the meantime, we have some amazing artists who are showing great interest in working with us. They are truly so talented and we look forward to promoting them.

We thank you all for your patience. It has been a great journey and even better with our exceptional community behind us! Cheers to fun times ahead and making waves in the NFT space!

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