MemeFarm Airdrop & NFT Auction for Wall Street Bets complete!

4 min readJun 12, 2021


Not too long ago we announced an exciting partnership with the Wall Street Bets team and boy has it been a fantastic couple of weeks!

We had the pleasure of minting two copies of some amazing artwork from 5 different artists, who came out on top of the WallStreetBets (WSB) meme and sticker competition. One copy went to the artist and the other was auctioned off live at the Miami Bitcoin Conference after party.

The party was hosted by WSB and Co-sponsored by Mint Gold Dust, an up and coming bid/ask Marketplace.

Mint Gold Dust Marketplace (coming soon) will enable artists to sell their digital art to collectors. The site features will be available 24 hours 7 days a week, including the ability to host live auctions led by an auctioneer, and a highly curated level of content. Auction as a Service!

Mint Gold Dust will begin their marketing of the underlying technology as a White Label Platform to holders of intellectual property. “The potential market here is large and could include: film studios, music labels, music artists, fashion houses, art galleries, and individual artists to name a few,” states Theo Goodman, of Mint Gold Dust, “This will require several technical and industry specific partnerships to fully cater to each potential vertical,” he said.

Goodman, has over over 5 years experience with NFT auctions which originated on telegram chats. He has now conducted auctions at conferences, meetups and events, consisting of auctioning physical artwork and collectables also. Over the last three months, Goodman has been holding vintage NFT auctions in the NFT Auction Telegram chat, which have been exceptionally popular and not to mention fun!!!

Goodman got to share his experience by taking part in the Miami afterparty auction, Not only were the pieces we minted on MemeFarm for sale, but also a range of other NFTs donated by a variety of platforms including the ever popular Rare Pepe and Spells of Genesis.

“NFTs are the gateway drug into crypto,” said Goodman, and we think he is right! Buying these NFTs, crypto philanthropists are contributing to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, who aim to save and protect wildlife all around the globe including all types of Apes! The charitable auction raised over $48,000USD and for a great cause. We’re super thrilled with the results!!!

Apes are being saved, MemeFarm website and NFT’s got a ton of exposure! It didn’t stop there either!

As part of our WSB partnership, yesterday we completed an airdrop to over 10 thousand WSB wallet holders! It is an exciting time for our new holders, as they are prepared with a little hit of gas to play with the upcoming MemeFarm features! These secret extra features which will be simple, but profoundly disruptive, are currently in development and *should* be unveiled two weeks after our MemeFarm Art NFT Market goes live towards the end of June.’

What does this mean for our current MFRM holders?

The MemeFarm team now have well over the min number of required wallets to get on Trust-Wallet and many other industry 3rd parties. We will be reaching out to CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, BraveNewCoin, and many other industry partners during the course of this week to get MFRM more visible on the back of this recent development.


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