partners with Wall Street Bets to mint Charity NFT’s on BSC!


Wall Street Bets Blockchain ( came into the limelight with a shout for financial democracy via reddit in January 2021 . They played an iconic role in the GameStop short squeeze which shook the financial world by causing losses on short positions in U.S. firms. How much you ask? They topped US$70 billion in early 2021.

Since then, they have ventured into creating the WSB Dapp, a decentralized Dapp that intends to solve the fees and market manipulation problem which has been clinging to centralization for far too long.

WSB is designing a series of “Exchange Traded Portfolios” (ETP’s) which are like decentralized ETFs. Their first one will be a top 20 Crypto and is being voted on, this week!

WSB Meme & Sticker competition:

In the democratic mindset, they also value the opinions and creativity of their own community. Recently WSB DApp announced 5 lucky winners of their meme and sticker contest who will receive 5000 $WSB tokens. Such wow and talk about aping in strong together.

It doesn’t just stop there! We at will be working with WSB by minting these winning pieces into NFTs!

We released our minting function on the 21st May and immediately garnered attention from Andres Osuna, a graphic artist, who has been following both MemeFarm and APEcoin prior to our choice to move from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain, “when the NFTs started pumping, I found them attractive because I saw the financial opportunities for artists,” he said.

It was Osuna’s first time minting and he created three Apefruit NFTs, make believe drink “For Real Apes”. Osuna explains he was inspired by APEcoin community’s drink of choice Monkey Shoulder whiskey, “because Monkey Shoulder whiskey is not available in my country, I wanted to make something that everyone can Ape in on.” Osuna hopes one day these could actually be real drinks that people will be excited to purchase and consume.

We are exceptionally excited to be onboarding new artists with our minting function and even more stoked to be working with the team at WSB.

We have minted two copies of the winning artwork. One will go to the artist and the other will be auctioned off for charity by legendary crypto auctioneer Theo Goodman at the Miami Bitcoin conference after party, hosted by WSB.

So who were the winners of the WSB meme and sticker competition?

We look forward to a very bright an exciting future with our WSB partnership. Congratulations to all the winners and we are stoked to be giving back to charities with the upcoming auction.


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