Updates: 10 Days Till Launch!

Our team has been working hard the last few weeks to prepare for the official Meme Farm launch on October 12 at 4:00 AM UTC. We want to thank our community for the tremendous support and share some updates about the project.

New Launch Date

Farming for Meme Farm officially starts around October 12 at 4:00 AM UTC. The exact start block will be announced closer to launch time.

The launch was originally scheduled for October 5th, but in light of some recent exploits (ie the Eminence exploit which resulted in a loss of $15M), we decided to delay the launch so we could have a 3rd party audit our contracts.

The official Meme Farm audit report will be released prior to farming launch on the 12th.

Farming Dashboard Preview

Our designers are working on a unique front-end UI for the farming dashboard. This is to differentiate our project from all the other Yam/Sushi/Kimchi farming clones.

More NFTs For Everyone

We are looking to expand the weekly NFT awards from 3 to around 20. Our initial idea regarding 3 unique gfs given to top holders of MFRM each week would stay intact w no change.

However, we are considering adding two additional non-girlfriend NFTs per week that would serve as additional award tiers for the next top 17 farmers. This would incentivize more non-whales to participate in farming.

The reasoning behind this, especially at our start, is to draw more non-whale farmers and give them a shot at the NFT action. We created a poll in our Discord community for members to vote on what type of art or characters these NFTs should be.

Influencers Are Starting To Notice Meme Farm

A community member asked CryptoMessiah to look over the Meme Farm project during his weekly live stream. He checked out the project and commented “this is legit” which helped bring more attention to our project.

In addition a few other influencers like chainlinkjunkie, cryptomocho and steve @thetradingtramp have already started tweeting about $MFRM and $APE.

We also have a few AMAs coming up which will bring more attention to our project.

That’s it for our updates this week. Stay safe out there apes!








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