MemeFarm Update 2/14/2021

Hi Farmers, APEs and Fellow Degens!

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve launched the new design to give MemeFarm that true vivid experience. We hope you love it as much as we do! The design incorporates the APEcoin aesthetic with that APE, banana, farming action. We are building an art-based platform, so we are sharpening the visual edge while doing our best to keep it FUN. LET’S GO.

NFT rewards for farmers are being sent out weekly! As we all know fees have gotten quite high, but you’ll be receiving them as planned for now. Reminder that APE-LP gives 2x rewards and special bonus NFTs. We’re excited to continue to bring APE bonus NFTs, and make that more interesting over time by building out functionality for APE.

Binance Smart Chain

Our NFT DAO development reached MVP on Ethereum and has core functionality working.

  • We are now working towards migrating all of MemeFarm and NFT DAO to Binance Smart Chain. This should be reasonably fast as BSC is well documented and their team is supporting our transition.
  • Closer to BSC full launch, we will deprecate ETH farming and launch BSC based Farming. Details regarding the migration will be published closer to BSC launch.
  • Goal is to have MemeFarm Farming available via and These BSC communities are huge and growing exponentially!
  • Remember farming with $APE yields 2x more $MFRM rewards so get farming!


V1 of NFT DAO is working! — You can see the NFTs we’ve issued so far at

Soon NFTs will be coming from the community, and the competition announced in the previous post shows the spirit and creativity of our fans. The page will go live this week and allow for the community to start submitting NFTs to the DAO.

V2 final DAO will be on BSC as described above.

It’s been a long road, and the market has been moving. We’ve seen sales of NFTs topping millions of dollars, and major artists getting involved. We firmly believe that there is strong substance there, and NFTs hold real value. It’s ownership and trade of a piece of art, forever. That’s why we see long term value in our model, and can not wait to get out of our beta testing experience.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a huge APEcoin announcement in the next days. The wait is almost over! *place excited APE sounds here*

The Team

For more info on and, check out the following resources:



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