MemeFarm Update: Happy New Year!

Hello Dear Fellow Apes, and Happy 2021!

Holiday season is finally behind us, and it’s full steam ahead from here. If you haven’t started yet, it’s a great time to try farming on Now that we’ve launched our Phase 1 yield farming Dapp, we’re working towards realizing version 1.0 of our product. At the same time we’re working internally on design improvements. We realize as an artistic hub we should hold ourselves to a high standard creatively. Here’s a preview of our updated home page design!

We took inspiration from our APEcoin roots, and we’ll be rolling this out as we perfect each view. It’s our way of contributing to the fun and artistic spirit of our platform.

Phase 2: NFT DAO & Binance Smart Chain

In Phase 2, we’ll be launching the NFT DAO. This makes it possible for MemeFarm token ($MFRM) holders to vote on which unique NFTs are added to our platform. 25% of the farming rewards will go to the DAO and be distributed to the artists’ pieces that are voted on. Then the top addresses and one random address will receive an NFT. We plan to use a framework for the DAO that doesn’t require gas, and mint the NFTs for the artists after they are selected to have an open, competitive atmosphere. We all know gas is expensive at the moment, so we’re mindful and working to make our project sustainable.

We’re also looking at how our integration with Binance Smart Chain will work. There’s a couple of ways we can use their chain: as a bridge, NFT trading, and even farming if liquidity rises in their pools. We love the idea of a layer 2 solution and a partner like Binance to really launch MemeFarm to the next level.

APEcoin Development Continues

APEcoin is what’s powering all of this, the core reason why we’re here, and we plan to integrate it into Memefarm beyond additional mining rewards. We see building meaningful functionality for APEcoin as one additional and necessary piece of MemeFarm. We optimistically plan to finalize our NFT DAO in Q1 and Binance Smart Chain integration in early Q2. You can plan on APEcoin having a critical role in the ecosystem going forward!

Open Call For Artists

If you are an NFT artist, we are a new type of market place. Slide into those DM’s on Twitter, and we will give you a lot more detail about how to commercialize via the revolutionary NFT DAO!

This is going to be an exciting year!

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