Minting is LIVE You Apes!

It has been quite a journey! We are stoked to announce our next step towards our NFT DAO. You are now able to mint on our platform!

As of today, anyone can mint their PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG up to a max of 30mb on Binance Smart Chain using So get your artwork and start building your portfolio, because this is only the beginning!

Next week you will not only be able to mint, but you will also be able to transfer your proudly created NFTs to the people you love, or hate at the click of a button! In Q3 you will also be able to Buy and Sell NFTs also.

This is all in the lead up to our grand scale idea of our NFT DAO!

When it comes to platforms that serve digital artists, there are currently limited options out there. We are hoping the NFT DAO model will be a game changer! Unlike other platforms where success depends on how well artists market themselves and how hard they work to establish a marketplace, Memefarm’s NFT DAO simplifies this process with a novel system.

How will it work Sir Apes?

First, creators submit their NFTs to the NFT DAO. Then, the MemeFarm community holding MFRM (our governance token) vote to accept or reject the NFT. When an NFT is accepted, the creator will receive a share of the NFT DAO’s monthly rewards and users will compete by “farming” for these NFTs. These users then become a part of the audience.

Sound good to you? We thought so! But what if you are new to the crypto industry, or have friends who are wanting to onboard into the NFT world? It can be a lot to take in, and there are additional perceived barriers to keep in mind: “How do I set up my wallet, or buy BNB? What is an NFT?” The rabbit hole is deep, so where does one start?

The team at are taking on the responsibility of designing a cohesive onboarding package to ensure artists can interact with the NFT DAO ecosystem with confidence. Step-by-step programs are in development to ensure each curious creator can join in the fun! Call it an Ape Nursery package if ya like!

So what are you waiting for? The time to build an artist portfolio is now!


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