GO APEcoin!

Hellow Fellow Apes and Apettes and Chunky Monkeys!

It’s been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong road of development and monkey business, but we’re finally really close to letting MonkeyFirm loose on the world!

We are currently developing a notification section for our Token Backed NFTs. When sellers log in to their wallet on MFRM.io they will be notified as to any Token Backed NFTs which may have sold while they were away. This development is looking very sleek and user intuitive.

We have added the ability to be able to transfer Token Backed NFTs, which is going to be great for overall visibility of our product. Token prizes will now be sent as a Token Backed NFT to assist in familiarization of what we have developed.

Our devs are also preparing to deploy contracts on ETH mainnet and Poly. Yes you read that right, cross chain is just around the corner! Roll on getting our product seen and used by many!

The new look will remind you more of an actual orderbook than an NFT marketplace, which will make finding what you’re looking for much easier. The aim is to make every trader/OTC ninja say “WTF? Why didn’t this exist before?” and a bad ass UI goes a long way with that.

We are aiming to have all the above ready and live before the 20th December.
Weekly dev notes will be shared on a weekly basis.

While this development has been going on we have been burning APE and MFRM slowly, reaching the following numbers:
142,932.24 APE burned (1.4293%) of the total supply
616,893.30 MFRM burned (2.9376%) of the total supply

As you know, one of the main uses of our revenue is market buying and burning APE/MFRM as well as adding liquidity to APE/BNB and MFRM/BNB pairs on Busta DEX, you can expect these numbers to start moving up in a hurry!

Lastly but not least, we have been ramping up marketing with APE Game. Challenge 1 is now all systems go and the playaz are getting involved to the max! If you are unfamiliar with APE Game, check out this article and APE in!

Website: mfrm.io

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