In the wake of our Crypto Girlfriends NFTs, we are stoked to announce a brand new NFT series that is busting onto the scene here at MemeFarm: APE PUNKS. These extremely limited edition pixel apes are full of nostalgic vibes and meme fun, and we will dropping them here and there to our community over the next month. We are excited to release them into the wild over the next several weeks. Here are some more deets for snagging one of these rad, .


To celebrate the launch of our new series, we will be auctioning off the first five Ape Punks via this week. These auctions, including will go live and run for 7 days. This is your chance to ape in and snipe some of these awesome pixel primates!


For all you meme farmers out there, we’ll also be putting a set of five different Ape Punks up for grabs as awards to the top five farmers of $MFRM over a week farming period. Get ready to harvest your brains out for a chance to secure your own limited edition Ape Punk next week.


Keep your eyes peeled for more Ape Punk sightings as we roll out new promos, giveaways, and NFT contests. Our NFT DAO will be in full swing soon, and we can guarantee the Ape Punks will be making an appearance there as well. In our ongoing process to secure quality vendors and NFT services on BSC, we will continue to mint NFTs on the Ethereum chain for the time being.

The are here to stay, exclusively from and Farm them. Trade them. Collect them. LET’S GO, APES!



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