Our New Logo Revealed!!!

As you may know, we are about to celebrate our one-year anniversary next month! Over the past year we have been on quite an exciting journey together.

In the spirit of this, we thought it was time for a change. We want our logo to make a strong first impression. We want to represent our sense of humour, show we are business minded, and ready for anything. So, we put it out to the masses to see what our community thought!

Out of hundreds of submissions, one logo really stood out to us. Welcome to your new logo ladies and gents!

Although, we had an influx of submissions from our third-party designer platform, there were limited community submissions.

With this in mind, we wanted to ensure the prizes went back to our community members (not to a third party) and given the limited submissions we have selected our two favourites to win a prize for their efforts.

First Prize goes to @Vanderl07958138!!! You won 2000 APEcoin!!!!

Second Prize goes to @bansilalketki!!! You won 1000 APEcoin!!!!

Congratulations to our community winners and thank you for your submissions!

With our new logo selected, we will now enter into the overall management of changing how the world sees us. This includes, but not limited to: All communities, Twitter, Exchanges etc. Please be patient here, as many of the exchanges have huge back logs, but rest assured we will be working on this. Happy times APES!!!


Twitter: @Go_APEcoin


🐒 APE contract address — 0xa9ea4b786ee5b7a733c035564bfd9341a4c9fc1e


📈 APE price chart —


🐒 APE farming —


Twitter: @Go_MemeFarm


🚜 MFRM contract address — 0x206340f3361404910f45ca0893980ef3f9b418ea


📈 MFRM price chart —


🚜 MFRM farming —

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