PancakeSwap: Resolution from V1. to V2.


Now that PancakeSwap has successfully completed the surprise rollout of their V2 pools, is set to migrate from supporting V1 LP tokens to the new and oh so shiny V2 LP tokens. Our DEVs are currently working on adding V2 pools and allowing users to migrate from V1 to V2, then shifting all rewards to the V2 pools.

MemeFarm — A new way for makers and artists to get paid

We are about 70% to rolling out this solution, and once our V2 pools have launched we will notify you immediately!

When this happens, in order to continue earning MFRM farming rewards the steps will look like this:

1) Withdraw from V1 MasterChef pool
2) Remove liquidity from V1 pool on Pancake
3) Add liquidity to V2 pool on Pancake
4) Stake new V2 LP to V2 MasterChef pool
N.B. this process will have to be completed for each pool, for every user

Steps (2) and (3) can be done on PancakeSwap’s migrate page here:

When the above solution is live, we will provide you 72 hours to move across to the V2 pools.

If you have any trouble please contact us on our community chat! We will be happy to help:


Twitter: @Go_MemeFarm


Farm MFRM with PancakeSwap LP Tokens


Twitter: @Go_APEcoin




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