The PancakeSwap V2 resolution is here!!!


We are now ready to get the migrate dance on for you all! is now set to migrate from supporting V1 LP tokens to the shiny new V2 LP tokens. V2 pools are now ready to rock and roll. Ready??? We are!!!!

Follow these steps, so you can continue to grab farming rewards:

1) Head over to the website & connect your wallet.

2) Now click on the new “MIGRATE” page, select any V1 pools you are actively farming, and then unstake from them. As always, unstaking will automatically harvest your pending MFRM as well.

3) Then head over to PancakeSwap’s farms page and migrate your V1 LP tokens to V2 LPs. Click on their “MIGRATE NOW” button and it will take you through their process.

4) Lastly, head back to, and click on the “FARM” page and stake your shiny new V2 LPs to start earning MFRM tokens once again. Make sure to get into the V2 pools early for maximum APY

N.B. The above steps are required for each pool you are actively farming in.

We are providing 72 hours to complete migration.

That should be all it takes for you to get to play in the wild again! If you have any questions, please do reach out to us on any of the below channels:

If you have any trouble please contact us on our community chat! We will be happy to help:


Twitter: @Go_MemeFarm


Farm MFRM with PancakeSwap CAKE V2 LP Tokens


Twitter: @Go_APEcoin


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