Sneak peak from BUSTaBNB

You may have heard the whispers about our project “Bust-a-BNB”. Bust-a-BNB is a web3 progressive jackpot game/DApp, where users can try to exit before the game crashes. It is the first in our line of games for Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Thanks to crazy ETH gas fees, a lot of the action is clearly taking place on Binance Smart Chain. With the speed and affordability of BSC, it was an obvious point of call for our games.


We are now ready to get the migrate dance on for you all! is now set to migrate from supporting V1 LP tokens to the shiny new V2 LP tokens. V2 pools are now ready to rock and roll. Ready??? We are!!!!

Follow these steps, so you can continue to grab farming rewards:

We are providing 72 hours to complete migration.

1) Head over to the website & connect your wallet.

2) Now click on the new “MIGRATE” page, select any V1 pools you are actively farming, and then unstake from them. As always, unstaking will automatically harvest your pending MFRM as well.

3) Then…


Now that PancakeSwap has successfully completed the surprise rollout of their V2 pools, is set to migrate from supporting V1 LP tokens to the new and oh so shiny V2 LP tokens. Our DEVs are currently working on adding V2 pools and allowing users to migrate from V1 to V2, then shifting all rewards to the V2 pools.

MemeFarm — A new way for makers and artists to get paid

We are about 70% to rolling out this solution, and once our V2 pools have launched we will notify you immediately!

When this happens, in order to continue earning MFRM farming rewards the steps will look…

Check out our second wave of APE PUNKS on JGN NFT!

Hello Apes & Gals!

Our move to Binance Smart Chain has been quite an adventure already, and the best is yet to come for APEcoin and MemeFarm. We have some exciting news regarding our NFTs on BSC. Here’s the latest: MemeFarm + BSC + JGN NFT = APE PUNKS ON BSC. And the home for this series on BSC: Juggernaut Defi!

Good Evening Fellow APES and APPETTES! We are amped to share a special 3.0 teaser. A sneak peak just for you!

What will MFRM 3.0 bring to the table you ask? Well not only will you be able to continue farming MFRM and NFT rewards, but with MFRM 3.0 we have designed multiple mechanisms that will enable both APE & MFRM buybacks, burns and enable permanent liquidity. Yep, the evolution is here!

Hey, everyone! 🐮

Look what we have in store for today! Something exciting, something awesome, and it is 🐮 BEEFYAPE 🐵, two of them!


Only 5 ever minted, and now you have the chance to be the proud owner of one, or two.

Do one or both of the following:

Stake at least 60 APE/BNB LP in our APE/BNB vault on


Stake at least 80 MFRM/BNB LP in our MFRM/BNB vault on

We will randomly choose one wallet in each vault that stakes between 2021–04–03 00:01 UTC and 2021–04–11 23:59 UTC. …

Check out our second wave of APE PUNKS coming to MemeFarm this week!


This Monday, March 29th, we’re launching our latest NFT farming shenanigans. By now, you’ve probably seen our crispy new Ape Punks. Over the next 6 weeks you have a chance to farm for one of those tasty monkeys of your very own. There will be 21 different Ape Punks in total, and we are giving them away every two weeks, 7 at a time!

Get ready APES & GALS!

In the wake of our Crypto Girlfriends NFTs, we are stoked to announce a brand new NFT series that is busting onto the scene here at MemeFarm: APE PUNKS. These extremely limited edition pixel apes are full of nostalgic vibes and meme fun, and we will dropping them here and there to our community over the next month. We are excited to release them into the wild over the next several weeks. Here are some more deets for snagging one of these rad, rare/super rare Ape Punk NFTs.

Hey there, APES!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with one of our favorite BSC projects, !

Beefy is a yield optimizer with a fantastic team behind it which has earned them a large, fun community and almost $300 million TVL. Well, we’ve been cooking up a BEEFY TREAT for all of you!

As of now, you can stake your $APE and $MFRM in’s vault ecosystem, but that’s not all.

APEcoin will also be featured on Beefy’s amazing Launchpool! The whole week, Beefy vault users that hold their Mootoken will get sweet $APE distributions along with…

Hello Dear Fellow APES!

Our highly anticipated BustaBNB game is in development, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

In a few weeks, you all will be able to degen your primate hearts out while our Degenerator DAO makes sure that the proceeds come back to diamond handed hodlers in form of token buybacks/burns and added locked liquidity!

GO APEcoin!

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